Why Dental Fillings are Necessary for Your Oral Health

Why Dental Fillings are Necessary for Your Oral Health

October 11, 2022

Everyone knows that dental fillings in Scarborough, ON are used to fill a cavity. This is important because it helps seal a hole and protects your tooth. Otherwise, food particles and bacteria can get inside your tooth. This leads to decay or cavities, or, worse, an infection. Once you get an infection, there’s a good chance that you will need a root canal.

Dental fillings offer an effective and safe way of fixing a destroyed tooth by tooth decay. A filling is also an ideal treatment option for other dental problems such as broken or cracked teeth.

Your dentist will determine whether a tooth filling can address any dental problem you might be having. Read this guide to discover more about how dental fillings can improve oral health.

A dental Filling and Oral Health

Several materials can be used for teeth fillings. These include gold, porcelain, and composite resin. Your dentist ensures that your chosen material will meet your needs and provide the desired results.

Dental fillings treat many dental problems and help improve your oral health. Here are examples of issues that dental fillings are used to treat.

Tooth Decay

Even though flossing and brushing regularly help remove food particles and plaque from your teeth, it can be hard to avoid tooth decay. Tooth decay is a problem that affects both kids and adults. A dental filling helps prevent tooth decay from causing more damage to your teeth. The filling helps seal up the small hole in your tooth caused by bacteria that cause decay.

Every time you visit your dentist’s office, they’ll check to see if you have a cavity that needs a dental filling. Dentists are aware of the importance of treating any tooth decay early. If it’s left untreated, decay won’t go away, spreading deeper inside your tooth. It causes many other issues. It can eventually result in tooth loss.

Worn Teeth

All teeth are made from tough substances. Your tooth enamel, the outer layer, is the strongest substance in your body. But injuries, health conditions, and specific habits can lead to wear and tear of the enamel. Tooth wear takes a variety of forms, and all of them cause discomfort and sensitivity. Cavity fillings are used to repair your teeth that have been worn down due to misuse.

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth

Dental fillings in Scarborough, ON, are used to repair cracked or broken teeth. If you have chipped a tiny piece of your tooth, your dentist repairs the damage with dental fillings. But if a crack or a chip goes deep, you will need a more extensive repair. If the crack extends down into the tooth pulp, a root canal procedure will be recommended. The procedure will involve chopping your tooth with a dental filling.

A Fractured Tooth

In many cases, fractured teeth are remedied with white composite fillings. Your teeth might fracture due to various reasons. Some fractures are caused by physical contact during sports events. A fall and slip, an auto accident, or any other type of contact in your mouth can cause a tooth fracture.

Also, chewing on something hard like a pen or pencil can lead to a tooth fracture. Even when you age, your teeth can be fractured. Therefore, you should always wear a mouth guard when participating in sports. This will help protect your teeth from fractures. In addition, dental fillings on the fractured tooth are always effective in treating the tooth.

Discolored teeth

Some dentists apply dental fillings to teeth that have been discolored over the years. The discoloration might be caused by extensive exposure to coffee, wine, candy, soda pop, and other acidic beverages and foods. Even teeth clenching, grinding, and using your teeth to open things can cause discoloration. If you have discolored teeth, ask your dental professional about the possibility of applying for a dental filling.

After a Gradual Loss of Tooth Structure

When your tooth is damaged, its structure is put in jeopardy. If enough of this structure is lost, it’ll be necessary to apply a dental filling. The filling enhances support and visual uniformity throughout your mouth.

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