What Is A Dental Sealant And Is It Worth The Cost?

What Is A Dental Sealant And Is It Worth The Cost?

November 1, 2022

Your child’s teeth are vulnerable to the development of cavities based on their brittleness. However, dental sealants in Scarborough, ON, safeguard your child’s teeth from decay and aids in the development of permanent teeth without complications. The preventive appliances are painless and friendly to your gum tissues. Sealants are applied to the teeth during eruption and have myriad benefits on oral health. This article provides insight into pits and fissures sealants and their vital role in your child’s dental health.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are thin plastic coatings partially filled on teeth grooves and pits to prevent tooth decay. The preventive appliances lower the chance of having dental fillings by reducing the depth of your natural teeth grooves. In addition, the appliances safeguard the teeth surfaces from erosion, cracks, or chips. Molars and premolars have irregular grooves that trap food particles and plaque that easily lead to tooth decay in your child.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Fissure Sealant Teeth?

If your child has deep grooves on the premolar or molar teeth, they need to have sealants. Food particles may get trapped in the grooves or pits and become the breeding site for bacteria. Sealants aren’t necessary for every child. However, your child can benefit from dental sealants in Scarborough, ON, if they are in the following conditions:

  • Have special needs that make dental hygiene challenging
  • Molars have very deep grooves
  • Your child’s teeth are at a high risk of developing cavities
  • Primary teeth have been predisposed to a high intake of sugary and processed foods and drinks

Tooth sealants are Ideally placed after the eruption of molars to prevent grooves from decaying. It’s crucial to have sealants at a tender age to prevent our teeth from adverse effects and cavities.

What Does The Procedure Of Having Dental Sealants Entail?

Having the preventive appliances involve a non-invasive and same-day procedure. First, your specialist may apply sealants and recommend you to undergo fluoride treatment on the sealants to strengthen the material used and safeguard your teeth. Then, a laser is used to harden the material and ensure the child’s enamel is fully protected. The procedure has several steps as outlined below:

  • The inflicted teeth are cleaned, and food particles are removed
  • A specialized adhesive is applied on your teeth to ensure that the fissure sealant material adheres to your teeth
  • The sealant material is applied
  • A laser hardens the material

Unlike other invasive procedures, the process doesn’t involve surgical incisions to remove decay. However, your teenage child might have anxiety over the dental procedure, but you need to enlighten them on the need for the appliances. The sealants might alter bites, but your child will get used to them afterward.

Additional Oral Health Tips Besides Dental Sealants

Whilst having fissure sealants teeth is paramount, it’s not a justifiable preventive measure in preventing the development of cavities. You need to observe proper oral hygiene practices. A regimen of dental sealants and good oral hygiene minimizes the risk of cavities. Below are additional tips you should follow:

  • Brush your teeth regularly, especially after consumption of sugary foods and beverages
  • Schedule a monthly appointment for a professional dental cleaning and dental exams
  • Use recommended mouthwash that’s non-abrasive to safeguard your teeth from damage
  • Floss daily to remove food particles between teeth that may lead to plaque deposition and tooth decay
  • Avoid taking acidic or sugary foods regularly
  • Undergo dental treatment on your oral health issues on time to prevent further deterioration of your
  • Visit your dentist in Scarborough, ON bi-annually for fluoride treatment to reverse the action of cavity development and re-mineralize your teeth.

Are you still wondering if your child needs to have tooth sealants? At Finch East Dental Care, we recommend your kids have fissure sealants if they are at a high risk of tooth decay. Sealants have benefits that outweigh the risks; you need to consider them for your child. Sealants are a viable solution for you in ensuring your child doesn’t develop cavities at a young age. In addition, the appliances are ideal for safeguarding the child’s fragile enamel from erosion. Please bring your child to our dental facility and let them undergo the procedure to prevent dental caries today.