Saturday Dentist

Many people needing dental care have to reschedule their plans so that they accommodate time for treatment. This is more so if they are busy and don’t find adequate time during the weekdays or their treatment needs lengthy procedures to be performed. Seeking a dentist open on Saturday can help receive the required dental care, whether an emergency treatment, routine dental exams and cleanings, or smile makeover treatment. At Finch East Dental Care, we are not only passionate about dental care but also dedicated to promoting your oral health when you need it.

Why Would You Need a Saturday Dentist?

Many things can prevent you from receiving dental care on business days, including limited time availability, lengthy dental treatments, and urgent dental care needs that arise over the weekends.

Restricted Time on Weekdays: You might have your routine checkup and exam scheduled for a date that is on a weekday, but due to commitments at work or business activities, you are confused about what to do. This is where our dental clinic, open on Saturday, comes in handy. Our dentist open on weekends near you, can cater to your needs on weekends, meaning your dental health isn’t compromised because of a lack of time to go to the dental office.

Lengthy Dental Procedures: While short appointments lasting 30 to 45 minutes can be accommodated over the lunch break, the long-hour treatment appointments require sufficient time, and most patients prefer to have them done on weekends. Procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implant placement, or dental bridge placement take time and require the dentist’s attention without being harried by time limitations.

Dental Emergencies: Dental emergencies arise when you least expect them. If they happen over the weekend, you are confident that a dentist open on Saturday in your area will provide the relief you need. Our emergency dentist in Scarborough open on Saturday near you, takes care of emergencies like sudden toothaches or dental pain, swollen gums, broken or smashed out teeth, tooth abscesses, or lost fillings and orthodontics.

Schedule an Appointment!

Visit our dentist in Scarborough today or contact us to schedule a weekend dental treatment. Whatever your dental care may involve, our dentist in Scarborough is readily available to provide the helping hand you need. You will receive your treatment or exam and cleanings without any hurry. This way, we have all the time you need to address your dental concerns.

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