Root Canal Therapy

Are you looking for an endodontist that performs a full suite of dentistry, including root canal therapy, from the convenience of one central location in Scarborough, ON? If so, you can stop your search and experience that convenience from our endodontist in Scarborough, ON at Finch East Dental Care. Whether you need a new root canal, a second opinion concerning a root canal or treatment for a previous root canal performed elsewhere, our dentists in Scarborough, ON or endodontists can perform those services and more.

Symptoms that Indicate a Need for Root Canal Therapy

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, there’s a likelihood that the symptoms you’re experiencing indicate the need for root canal therapy near you:

  • Do you experience throbbing pain or a dull ache when you bite down on food?

  • Do you experience sensitivity in one or more teeth when eating or drinking hot or cold food and beverages?

  • Do you have extensive decay in a tooth or a previous injury to a tooth that has now developed into an infection?

Answering “yes” to the above questions does not immediately confirm that root canal treatment is in order since they could also signify other oral health conditions. Still, they are strong indicators for root canal treatment.

Some other symptoms that are common indicators that root canal therapy is needed include:

  • Tooth or jaw sensitivity

  • Gum sensitivity

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Discoloration of a tooth

When you visit our endodontist near you for your root canal consultation in Scarborough, ON, we will take x-rays of the affected area to determine the best treatment protocol for your condition. If it’s determined that root canal therapy is needed to remove damaged or infected pulp from your tooth, we’ll take time during that appointment to answer all of your questions specific to your treatment.

Our Dentists in Scarborough, ON are Here for You

Instead of continuing to wonder what’s causing your discomfort around a specific tooth or area of your jaw, we invite you to make an appointment with our dentists at Scarborough dental office for a consultation for root canal therapy in Scarborough, ON.

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