Oral Cancer Screenings

With the many advancements made in modern dentistry, including those used at Finch East Dental Care, our dentist in Scarborough, ON provide patient-centered preventive dental care such as oral cancer screening.  Although you may not have heard about oral cancer as much as other forms of cancer, it is becoming a growing concern for patients of all genders, ages, and backgrounds – even if they’ve never smoked in the past.

Our dentists perform a visual oral cancer screening during every appointment to ensure that our patients receive the early treatment needed to combat this potentially fatal type of cancer. It’s long been recommended that patients receive exams and professional cleanings at regular intervals, but the increase in oral cancer now adds incentive to maintain regular appointments.

Are You at Risk for Oral Cancer?

Just like other forms of cancer, oral cancer is defined as an abnormal growth of cells that can affect many areas of the mouth, including the lips, gums, tongue, and throat, to name a few. Like other forms of cancer, patients may not detect any changes without medical screening and testing. However, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself right now to determine if you’re in a high-risk category according to the official website of the Government of Canada:

  • Are you a male over the age of 45?

  • Do you have oral HPV?

  • Do you use tobacco products (including vaping products)?

  • Do you drink alcohol on a regular and consistent basis?

  • Do you work outside where your lips and mouth area are exposed to the sun for long periods?

An Important Takeaway

Even if you answered “no” to the questions asked above, it does not mean you are immune from the condition. As mentioned earlier, patients of all genders, ages, and backgrounds can develop oral cancer.

Schedule Oral Cancer Screening

Just as you most likely schedule an annual health exam to detect other cancer types, regular visual screening for oral cancer test is now equally recommended. Many of our patients schedule their exams at dental clinic Scarborough to coincide with their other health exams, so they have peace of mind knowing that they’ve been proactive in defending against all types of cancer. Our dentists are currently accepting new patients, and we’d love to welcome you to our practice soon.

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