Dental Sealants

Did you know that one of the most common areas for dental decay to develop is in the grooves of the back teeth? Since this is one of the most challenging areas for patients of all ages, but especially children, to reach during brushing, the use of dental sealants from Finch East Dental Care can provide peace of mind as an added assurance against cavities and decay.

Added Benefits of Dental Sealants

In addition to providing added protection against tooth decay for up to 10 years, dental sealants have an added benefit in children’s dentistry. Because they are quick and pain-free, having the procedure is an excellent way for parents to reinforce their children’s confidence that visiting a dentist can be fun.

When our dentist applies the dental sealant material, they will not only be making sure that your little one is comfortable with the procedure, but this focused time is also a great way to reinforce that visiting a dentist in Scarborough does not have to be a scary experience.

Since no noisy equipment is used during your child’s sealant procedure, they can enjoy the time they spend in our office and learn to look forward to their next visit.

Pain-Free Preventive Dentistry

While it’s true that most dental exams and teeth cleaning are classified as pain-free procedures, there is no doubt that dental sealants genuinely are. Our dentists at Scarborough dental office can complete the procedure in a matter of minutes by simply applying the sealant material and using an LED light to dry the liquid. The most challenging thing for patients to endure during their treatment is keeping their mouths open for about 60 seconds during the application and drying of the sealant material.

Suppose your child has already started to exhibit signs of dental anxiety; choosing to receive a sealant procedure for yourself while your child watches is a great way to demonstrate how easy the procedure is. Plus, sealants also protect adult teeth, so you’ll have a bonus for yourself too!

Our dentist at scarborough dental office is currently accepting new patients. We’d love to welcome you and your little one to our convenient Scarborough, ON location and invite you to schedule back-to-back appointments for tooth sealants near you today.

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