Dental Fillings

Are you searching for a dentist for a dental fillings? Would you like that filling to be natural in its appearance and match the color of the tooth that’s receiving it? If so, then look no further than our dentists at Scarborough dental office to perform exactly what you’re looking for.

As a team of multi-specialty dentists, you’ll discover that we provide several treatment options in dental fillings in addition to our broad suite of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, and we can provide you with answers to your questions about your individual care too. We invite you to make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool to schedule a consultation for dental fillings in Scarborough, ON today.

Types of Dental Fillings

Thanks to the many advancements made in modern dentistry, including the technology and materials used here at Finch East Dental Care, patients now have more choices than ever before regarding the type of dental filling that best suited for their unique needs.

For example, suppose you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable material. In that case, our dentists may recommend an amalgam filling that can last upwards of 10 years before needing to be replaced. If a natural appearance is high on your priority list, our dentists also provide tooth-colored fillings. These ceramic or composite fillings are not as durable as silver amalgam. Still, their ability to be color-matched to your teeth makes them one of the more popular materials for tooth fillings near you.

When you visit Finch East Dental Care for your dental filling consultation, our dentists will provide you with information on each material specific to durability and other aesthetic factors so you can make a choice that works best for your goals and lifestyle. For example, some materials are best used on molars because they require more durability than front teeth.

Dental Fillings from Our Dentists in Scarborough, ON

In addition to providing a range of materials for dental fillings, our dentists at Scarborough dental office are committed to providing gentle dentistry during all treatment options. If you’re avoiding visiting a dentist because of dental anxiety, we invite you to make an appointment today to learn how a dental filling can stop the painful spread of tooth decay with the dental care our dentists provide.

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