Dental Bridges

Finding a dentist that offers a range of missing tooth replacement treatments is as easy as contacting our dentists to learn about our dental bridges, dental implants, and partial dentures. When you visit scarborough dental office for your missing teeth replacement consultation, we’ll make sure that you know about all procedures available, including the many benefits of dental bridges.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Unlike dental implants as a missing teeth replacement procedure, which can take multiple months of treatment time, dental bridges from our dentist can be completed in two appointments within the same 30 days period. This benefit by itself makes tooth Bridges a desirable option, but there are more benefits too.

If you’ve recently lost a tooth and think that you’ll do just fine without replacing it, especially if it’s in a part of your mouth that can’t easily be seen, it’s important to consider what will happen in the future. Without a replacement tooth, your remaining teeth around the lost tooth will begin to shift. When this happens, it creates spacing issues. There are two reasons that these spacing issues should be avoided. First, they can affect the appearance of your teeth as gaps begin to form; and second, as these gaps begin to form, it creates additional areas for hard-to-reach plaque and bacteria to develop. And when plaque and bacteria build up, decay, infection, and future tooth loss follow.

Choose to Be Pro-Active in Your Dental Health

Rather than facing the eventuality of future dental concerns from a lost tooth, we invite you to contact our dentists in Scarborough, ON at Finch East Dental Care to learn about dental bridges in Scarborough, ON today. Some patients believe that dental implants are the best choice, but when they discover they don’t have the bone density in their jaw to support an implant, they are relieved to learn that a dental bridge provides similar tooth restoration. Our team of dentists will examine your mouth and prepare a treatment plan that will work best for you so you can be proactive in your dental health. Please call us now to learn more.

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