Consider Dental Implants If You Need Missing Teeth Replacements

Consider Dental Implants If You Need Missing Teeth Replacements

November 1, 2021

Missing teeth embarrass everyone, making them hide their smiles and causing various other difficulties which eventually impact their overall health and facial appearance. If you are affected by a similar problem, you may consider getting missing teeth replacement to cover the gap in your mouth. However, you will likely receive offers for dental bridges or dentures from many dentists that don’t last you for a lifetime.

If you want to replace your natural missing teeth with a solid replacement option, the only solution available on the market is a dental implant that provides a long-lasting solution remaining with you for your lifetime. In addition, after getting your teeth replaced with a tooth implant, you never again have to think about replacing it unless you deliberately break it to test its strength.

What Kind of Dental Implants Can You Get to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

The kind of dental implant you want for your missing teeth is unique to your situation and will depend on whether you have lost a single tooth or need replacements for an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. If you have lost all your teeth or must have some extracted, you can discuss the all on 4 dental implants technique where merely four dental implants are sufficient to hold a complete curve of dentures over your upper or lower jaw.

On the other hand, if you have lost a single tooth, dental implants are a suitable option because the implant is placed deep into your jawbone to let it fuse with your body. Regardless of which procedure is ideal for your needs, you must undergo a surgical process requiring several months of healing time before having your artificial teeth. You do not have to display gaps in your mouth during the healing period. The dentist providing you dental implants is fully aware of your embarrassing situation and makes arrangements to give you temporary dentures over the implanted posts in your mouth, helping you hide the gaps in your mouth.

Surgical Procedures for Dental Implants: Aren’t They Scary?

The surgical procedure performed by the dentist in Scarborough, ON, instead of scaring anyone, resembles a simple outpatient procedure completed by the dentist in one visit to their office. You receive local and intravenous anesthesia to ensure you are entirely comfortable before the dentist drills a hole deep into your jawbone to place the titanium post to act as your artificial tooth root after it integrates with your jawbone.

You can return home after having implant placement along with a temporary denture over the implant to act as your artificial teeth temporarily. You will undoubtedly experience some discomfort from the surgical process, which subsides within a week. However, dental implants in Scarborough, ON, recommend or prescribe painkillers to help you manage the discomfort.

After you get dental implants placed in your mouth, you must wait for the placements to heal and integrate with your jawbone before you can have a permanent replacement tooth over it. The healing requires many months to provide stability needed by the titanium post to act as a solid base for your artificial tooth. After healing entirely from the surgical procedure, you undergo another surgery for abutment placement on which your custom-created artificial tooth will sit. The abutment placement surgery requires two weeks of healing time, after which Finch East dental care takes impressions of your jaw to create your artificial tooth. After removing the temporary denture provided when placing the titanium post, the artificial dental crown is placed over the implant during the final visit.

Why Dental Implants and Not Other Affordable Options?

If you want affordable options for replacing missing teeth, you undoubtedly find solutions like dentures or dental bridges costing fewer dollars than implants but requiring replacements every five to ten years. Unfortunately, both solutions do not act as your artificial tooth root, neither do they prevent jawbone resorption, which undoubtedly occurs after tooth loss. Furthermore, dental bridges require extensive tooth structure removal of the neighbouring teeth beside the gap left by the missing tooth.

Dental implants remain with you for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene and function as standalone applications in your mouth without impacting the neighbouring teeth. Besides preventing jawbone resorption, dental implants also strengthen your jaw to provide you with a youthful appearance. Best of all, dental implants make it comfortable for you to eat the foods you love, speak and smile as you wish before everyone, with no one noticing the artificial tooth in your mouth.

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